- RECOMMENDED - System ROM Flash Binary - HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen9 (P92) Servers

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简要说明 :
HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen9 (P92) Servers
文件版本 :
2.76_10-21-2019(13 十一月 2019)
文件类型 :




To ensure the integrity of your download, HPE recommends verifying your results with the following SHA-256 Checksum values:


Reboot Requirement:
Reboot is required after installation for updates to take effect and hardware stability to be maintained.


To update Firmware from UEFI shell:
1.       Copy the binary file to a USB media or iLO virtual media.
2.       Attach the media to the server.
3.       Boot to Embebded Shell.
4.       Type Map –r to get the assigned file system volume for the USB key.
5.       Change to the current directory to the one with the binary file using the CD command.
6.       Run “fwupdate –d BIOS -f <filename>.flash” to flash the ROM.  You can press the TAB key to complete the file name.
To update Firmware from System Utilities:
1.       Copy the binary file to a USB media or iLO virtual media.
2.       Attach the media to the server.
3.       In POST, press F9 to enter System Utilities and select Embedded Applications.
4.       Select “Firmware Update” and then “System ROM”.
5.       Choose “Select Firmware File”, and then select the device and the flash file.   
6.       Select “Start Firmware Update” and allow running to completion.


To update Firmware from iLO Web UI:
1.       Copy the binary file to a USB media.
2.       Attach the media to your local work station. 
3.       Using a Web Browser, proceed to the iLO Web UI using the iLO IP Address.
4.       Select “Firmware & OS Software tab”.
5.       Choose “Select Update Firmware”.    
6.       Select Browse at Local Binary File.
7.       Select the Firmware file to be flashed.                            
8.       Select the Flash to begin update process and wait for the firmware flash complete message to display.